People of the Passion

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People of the Passion: Pontius Pilate

IT’S MY FAULT, RIGHT?? I don’t like what you say. You know, the accusation that you make every week about me. “Crucified under Pontius Pilate”. You don’t mention the kiss by Judas or the betrayal by Peter or the weakness of John Mark. Just me. Pontius Pilate. Others had great responsibility in this as well, […]

People of the Passion: Judas

Sermon: People of the Passion: Judas
Text: Matthew 26:14-16, 47-56; 27:3-10
Focus: Judas was damned because of his unbelief, not because of his theft, betrayal of Jesus, or suicide.
Function: That they would believe in the unconditional forgiveness of Jesus Christ.