Children are an incredible gift from God. We are privileged to tell kids about the amazing love that Jesus has for each and every one of them. Our children’s ministries aim to teach kids how to seek God everyday and to educate and equip them for life as a Christian.

We offer Sunday School every weekend as well as a fun and action packed Vacation Bible School adventure each summer for grade school age kids. For youth, we offer Confirmation classes and High School Bible Study weekly.

Come join us for age-appropriate teaching every Sunday at 9:30 AM. Kids will hear relevant Bible stories, study memory verses, enjoy fun activities, and most importantly, apply God’s word to their lives!

Questions? Contact our Director of Christian Education, Kristin Schmidt, by e-mailing her using the Contact Sidebar on this page.

Have you considered the benefits of Sunday School attendance for your child? Here are 10 reasons to make it a priority in your family.

  1. Age Targeted Teaching: Where else can your kids get Biblical instruction that’s focused toward their developmental abilities?
  2. Friends: In Sunday School, your child will build positive friendships with their peers by discovering God’s Word together.
  3. It’s Fun: Sunday School is not Disney Land, but our teachers do work hard to teach the Bible in ways that are relevant and fun for kids.
  4. Spiritual Mentors: A dedicated teacher can be a Christian role model who supports you and helps inspire the faith of your child.
  5. Systematic Bible Learning: Our curriculum is designed to give a broad foundation, so children will understand how all the parts of Scripture point to Christ, as they build on their Biblical knowledge over the years.
  6. Praying Teachers: Our teachers consistently pray for your child’s faith to grow. Coming to Sunday School gives another occasion for God to answer those requests.
  7. Big Reward For a Small Investment:  Attending Sunday School throughout childhood equals over 800 hours of additional Christian teaching before your child graduates.  All you have to do is show up!
  8. Send the Right Message: Making Sunday School a priority shows your kids that God’s Word really does matter more than anything else.  Think about how much time we spend in extracurricular activities, sports and other areas of life.  When we truly examine our time, we realize that we are in desperate need to focus more on our walk with God, making that relationship our first priority.
  9. Adult Bible Fellowship: While the children enjoy their class, you can fellowship with other adults in your own Bible study group.
  10. Most Importantly, Watch Your Child’s Life Change: Kids who are routinely exposed to, and study the Word of God are equipped to make better decisions, face the trials of life and seek God in all that they do. Ultimately, they will become the next generation of disciples who will teach their children and others about God.