Helping Others to Become Fully Devoted Followers of Jesus Christ

Over the years, the ministry of Epiphany Lutheran has been blessed time and again by God. Guided and protected by God’s Providence, we continuously seek to serve Him and reveal His ultimate plan in everything we do.

Epiphany means ‘revealed’.  The Christmas Star revealed to the Wise Men that Jesus was born. Castle Rock’s Star has cast it’s glow over the area for many years during the holiday season.  Every year it continues to be a light to all who live in or drive by our community. Likewise, our prayer is that God will use our ministry to shine the glory of His love to all those around us.

Epiphany’s logo shows a cross and star:

Horizontal Blue

The star represents the saving work of Jesus Christ, who saved us from our sins by His death and resurrection. The five points of the star represent the five purposes of Epiphany’s ministry:

Joyful Worship
Faithful Service
Positive Outreach
Loving Fellowship
Biblical Nurture

In January, we observe the annual celebration Epiphany in the Christian Church. In 1999, the celebration of Epiphany held special significance to us, as that was the day an initial contact was made to establish our congregation. In March of 1999 we held our first worship service.

Our newly remodeled sanctuary, new Fellowship Hall and Christian Education rooms were completed in 2011. We joyfully dedicated our building to God. We experience His love and grace everyday in our ministry and look forward to the incredible things God will do through Epiphany Lutheran Church.