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Seven Last Words of Jesus from the Cross

Sermon: The Seven Last Words of Jesus from the Cross
Texts: Luke 23:34, 43; John 19:26-28; Matt. 27:46; John 19:30; Luke 23:46
Focus: With his dying words, Jesus spoke blessing, forgiveness, complaint, and comfort on behalf of all people.
Function: That they would believe in the forgiveness won for us by Jesus’ death on the cross.

Rocky Hearts

praying hands

We often talk about the fact that we’re “saved by grace” as an article of faith. But what does grace really mean? And why does it make an eternal difference in our lives?

House of Prayer

What barriers gets in the way of people coming to our church? Is there anyone we wittingly or unwittingly check at the door or bar from feeling welcome and safe? Jesus cleansed the Temple to show that all barriers of race, sex, and class are over; all are one in Christ.