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Sermon: Stand!
Text: Ephesians 6:10-20
Focus Statement: God gives us the weapons for our spiritual battle against the devil.
Function Statement: That they would stand in Christ’s victory over Satan.

Dying to Love

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Sermon: Dying to Love
Text: Ephesians 5:21-33
Focus Statement: In his great love, Christ died for his bride, the Church.
Function Statement: That husbands and wives would love and serve one another without keeping score.

A Hard Teaching

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Some of the things Jesus says are hard to understand or even downright offensive–like when he says that we should eat his flesh and drink his blood. Jesus is not encouraging vampirism or cannibalism, of course, so what in the world is he talking about?

Got Bread?

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Sermon: Got Bread?
Texts: Exodus 16:2-15; John 6:22-35
Focus Statement: God provides for all of our needs—physical and spiritual.
Function Statement: That they would trust and be glad in God’s gracious provision.