Reformation Day

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Managing God’s Gift of the Gospel

Sermon: Managing God’s Gift of the Gospel
Text: Ps. 46; Rev. 14:6-7; Rom. 10:14-17; Luke 24:44-53
Focus: God sends people to speak the Gospel so we can believe in and receive his forgiveness.
Function: That they would tell the Good News of Jesus’ death and resurrection to others.

The Wrong Tune

Sermon: The Wrong Tune
Text: Matthew 11:12-19
Focus: The Word of God tells us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear.
Function: That they would willingly and gladly suffer for the sake of God’s kingdom.

Not a Lost Gospel


Sermon: Not a Lost Gospel!
Text: Revelation 14:6-7
Focus Statement: Good News! Christ Jesus died on the cross to save you!
Function Statement: That they would gladly share the Good News with others.

Free Indeed!


Once a year Lutherans set aside a weekend to remember Martin Luther and the Reformation of the Christian Church that began 500 years ago. Reformation can be misunderstood. It is not just about a German priest and some interesting church history. Reformation is about God waking up a church that had fallen asleep. It is […]

Reformation Freedom

Text: John 8:31-36; Romans 3:19-28
Focus: Jesus frees us from our bondage to sin by his forgiveness and death on the cross.
Function: That by faith they would believe Jesus’ Word of freedom and forgiveness.
Structure: Story-Applied