Christ the King

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Let the Watch Begin: Keep Awake!

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Let The Watch Begin: Keep Awake! Mark 13:32-37
1.The Christian Life Is A Life of Watchful Anticipation, Mark 13:32-33
A. Jesus will appear like a flash of lightning, Matt. 24:27
B. He will come in a time that is deceptively normal, Luke 17:26-27
C. And It will be a time when you least expect it. I Thess. 5:2
II. The Christian Life Is A Life of Watchful Assurance, Mark 13:37

Remember the Poor

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When did we see Jesus naked, hungry, thirsty, sick, or in prison, and minister to him? Truly, whatever we did for the least of these, his brothers, we did unto him!

Sheep and Goats

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Sermon: Sheep and Goats
Text: Matthew 25:31-46
Focus Statement: Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, we are heirs of his kingdom.
Function Statement: That they would live in joyful hope and expectation of Judgment Day.